23 Sep 2013

Working Together to Support Policyholders During Fire Brigade Strike Action

With the worrying prospect of a fire-fighters strike becoming a reality, it is vitally important that Property Investors continue to exercise great prudence in maintaining protective measures and review fire safety routines against the risk of fire where within their responsibility. They should also ensure they remind their tenants to review their own procedures if part of their lease obligations.

It is important that any Property Investor or occupier should not be complacent, as it is inevitable during strike periods that we may not benefit from quite the same levels of emergency fire cover.

As the country’s leading Property Investors insurer, Aviva Insurance constantly sees the impact and devastation which fire, crime, vandalism, storm and flood causes to Property and the effect this may have on rental income. It is only natural therefore that together we continue to provide you and our mutual clients appropriate support by responding to their needs during this period. In this respect, we are pleased to inform you that our risk management services are available to provide advice where required via your normal Aviva contacts. We also have a guide to Fire Safety at Work which you may wish to forward to tenants.

Aviva will not restrict its cover or service as a result of any action that may take place. In the event that any strikes go ahead, it is very important that Property Investors remain alert to the potential hazards to their property and take the necessary preventative measures to mitigate the effects of fire.

With your help, the risk of fire, loss of life, personal injury and the destruction of property can be substantially reduced if sensible precautions are taken to prevent fire from starting. We encourage you to inform our customers of the availability of our assistance which will help them remain alert to risks should they need any guidance on how to manage them.

ARMS Website – URL for Insurers Fire Safety at Work PDF download file :- http://www.aviva.co.uk/risksolutions/help/faq/answer/1961/

ARMS Website – URL for main guidance on Fire Brigade Strikes 2009 onwards : -http://www.aviva.co.uk/risksolutions/help/faq/answer/1741/

London Fire Brigade Website – Guidance for Businesses during any Strike: - http://www.london-fire.gov.uk/contingency-plan.asp