13 Sep 2017

The Number 13

Important Information

The number 13 is unlucky for some but with only 13 working days left till renewal of your Solicitors PII it need not be unlucky for you. St Giles remains at the forefront of the provision of Solicitors PII Insurance , run by solicitors for solicitors. Even at this late stage we can assist in completion of your proposal form and approach our large panel of Insurers to make sure we obtain competitive terms for you. We have Insurers covering all sizes of firms and all manner of work including a number of Insurers who are competitive for firms who undertake conveyancing work.

Our experience as Solicitors also allows us to explain to Insurers how claims have arisen and risk management steps the firm has undertaken to make sure a similar mistake is not repeated. It is unbelievable how often a full review of a firms claims print can reveal either errors whereby a claim has settled for less than its reserve yet the print has not been updated  or a claim which is showing as open can in fact be closed. The time spent by us checking the prints can save the firm a percentage of the premium. So with 13 days to go it is not too late. 

All you need to do is send us the proposal form you have completed for your existing broker or complete our short proposal form which can be downloaded here and email it to us at  response@stgilespi.co.uk  together with your up to date claims prints and one of our team will  be in touch within the hour or call us on 0208 236 7420.