26 Sep 2014

St Giles provides imaging and reporting services to the property industry

As part of our increased risk management offering we are pleased to announce our partnership with Kingfisher APS. Kingfisher is an aerial photography company providing imaging and reporting services to the property industry.

Investigating defects and repairs at high level can involve expensive practices such as the use of cherry pickers and scaffolding. Kingfisher provides a fast, cost effective, alternative solution by using imaging drones. The use of drones can reduce the need for equipment hire and the man hours associated. 

From an insurance perspective the swift response in the identification of claims and lowering the cost of locating the damage (trace and access) can ultimately result in the reduction of claim amounts, therefore, having a positive influence on premiums.

Please visit our website:    www.stgilesgroup.co.uk/aerialsurveys

Should you wish to find out more, please don't hesitate to contact us or email   aerialsurveys@stgilesgroup.co.k  uk