07 Sep 2017

Renewing Professional Indemnity

Important Information

3 weeks, 15 working days and 135 working hours remain for solicitors to renew their professional indemnity this September. If you have filled in your form well done, if you haven’t good luck and hopefully the pointers in this article will assist in that process.

There is no doubt that some forms are easier to complete than others. Some forms are certainly shorter than others and we at St Giles have reached agreement with a number of the main Insurers to allow us to lodge a 2017 short form with last years long form in an effort to make your life a little easier. If however you do need to complete a full form are you happy that you are filling the form in such a way to put your firm in the best light you can? We can advise you in that regard. Is your work split accurate? It may mirror last years but actually is the work in the correct category. Firms are often unclear as to whether a type of work is commercial litigation, litigation other or is it in fact debt collection. Firms are often unclear whether a type of work is conveyancing or is it actually Landlord and Tenant. By moving work into its correct category you can reduce your premium on a yearly basis. Our aim at St Giles is to make the process as painless as possible.

Can you afford not to give us a call to see whether even now you could get away with completing our short form and receive some advice to reduce your premium . If you want to speak to one of our specialist brokers give us a call on 0208 236 7420 and make sure you give your firm the best chance of receiving the best terms available.